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Aging gracefully while building a financial legacy 

Hello! I am Fely Bayona, a retired chemist and a grandmother.  I found Reliv in October, 2005 while desperately looking for help with my declining health. Due to digestive issues I barely ate and slept and became frail with heavy brain fog. I also suffered from heavy night sweats due to menopause. Every Fall seasonal allergies would kick in. I was miserable and scared. Thank God for Reliv, I started taking the products and in less than three months I started feeling better. Today, for 16 years I have been enjoying the blessing of good health. I am 71 years old but do not feel my age. I sleep well, eat healthy, exercise regularly. I have great mental clarity and focus, energy and stamina. Above all I'm happy. I am truly aging gracefully.  Doing the business was not in my radar. However my health results made me think of others who could benefit from taking the products so I decided to become Master Affiliate. My first few years in the business was very rocky. It was difficult for me to embrace The Reliv Success System. My learning curve is pretty wide. Later on, I understood that building a business with Reliv is the best way to augment our retirement income and even build a financial legacy for our grandchildren. I hang on past those challenging years. Eventually I learned and embraced the Reliv Success System. Today we are key directors (my husband and I). We used to live in Chicago, Illinois. We moved back to Philippines for better weather, stress free lifestyle and more. Living in the opposite time zone, our business has been going 24/7, and we are loving it. In addition to amazing health results and 24/7 business, my personal growth as an individual is just phenomenal. I have been transformed from someone who didn’t care about other people’s lives to someone who truly cares. I will never retire from sharing hope with others.