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Aging Gracefully
My name is Fely Bayona, a retired chemist and a grandmother. I lived in Mount Prospect, Illinois and recently moved back to Iloilo City, Philippines. I found Reliv in October, 2005 while desperately looking for help with my declining health. Due to digestive issues I barely ate and slept and became frail with heavy brain fog. I also suffered from heavy night sweats due to menopause. Every Fall seasonal allergies would kick in. I was miserable and scared. Thank God for Reliv, I started taking the products and in less than three months I started feeling better. Today, for more than 15years I have been enjoying the blessing of good health. I am 70 years old but do not feel my age. I sleep well, eat healthy, exercise regularly. I have great mental clarity and focus, energy and stamina. Above all I'm happy. I am truly aging gracefully.